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I’ve Always Struggled With My Weight

I've envied my husband since the day that we met because he has always been thin. He never seemed to struggle with it either. His size 34 jeans start to get a little snug so he will stop eating junk food for a couple weeks. That's it? That's all it takes to stay skinny? I sure do wish that was the case for me.

How am I supposed to compete with that? I had to face the truth and the truth was that I couldn't eat and live my life that way. I tried it and just continued to gain weight. What I eventually figured out was that cupcakes weren't the only thing keeping me from losing weight quickly. I'd cut out the junk food and I wouldn't drop any weight.

I had to take the whole process a step further and stop eating flour instead. Breads, pastas, bagels, anything wheat based was doing me a disservice. Once I dropped those from my diet the scale started to move in the right direction. Maybe I have a gluten allergy. Although wheat doesn't make me sick so much as I just feel better when I limit it.

So far I'm down about thirty pounds by doing this. If you want to try it the only thing I would recommend is to make sure you eat. The first few times I took a go at it I under ate and ended up gorging because I became so hungry. I had to do a little bit of preparation to succeed on this healthy weight loss diet. Planning my meals and snacks became the key to my fast and long term drop in weight.

At the beginning of every week I had to stock the fridge with things like precooked chicken, chili, and raw vegetables. I had to make sure that I had easy snacks on hand as well as protein that I could heat up in the microwave. One of the easiest things I found was to buy an already cooked rotisserie chicken. I'd divide it up into different things like chicken salad, chicken soup, and chunks. That way I had lot's of different snacks.

I'd also eat lot's of salad that were loaded with vegetables and topped with the chunks of chicken that I was just talking about, If you want to lose weight you might want to try cutting out flour too. I'm not saying it's for everyone but if it was good for me it's got to be good for other people out there as well.

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Reducing carbs from your diet completely is not in any way a good idea, eating too much flour and starch products may result in weight gain, so I suggest that you cut on those products. Flour (and most all starch products) end up turning into sugar and forms of alcohol when digested. You need other foods such as vegetables and other "roughage" to keep your digestion healthy. Also, you need to keep your immune system healthy. Eating yogurt and drinking such products can help you lose weight because your digestive tract is the main contributor to your immune system.  More info here: