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Basic Facts on Quartz Countertops

Picking the perfect countertop to accentuate your newly installed kitchen cabinets is not as simple as you think. In addition to colour and style, you also have to consider the type of stone you will use. Some countertops will stand up to punishment and require little maintenance and others may not withstand the rigours of an active family. Some are porous and susceptible to stains from acidic foods like tomato sauce and red wine. Materials used to make countertops include granite, engineered stone, laminates and ceramic tile with pricing that ranges from affordable to expensive. The price of quartz counters is lesser compared to other type of stones.

Quartz counters are becoming a very popular option for your kitchen. They have become popular so quickly because of their durability and ease of maintenance. Now that they are being carried in most home store chains they are easy to find as well.

They are looked at by most people as an alternative to granite. What that tell you right away is that most people consider granite for their home but for one reason or another are looking another surface. The most popular reason for looking for another countertop other than granite is it’s price. If you’re price shopping than quartz countertops are not the solution for your kitchen. Quartz is just as expensive as granite is and it is even more costly in some cases.

If you’re looking for the most durable countertop at the best price then I recommend plastic laminate. It hard to scratch, resists staining very well, and mimics natural stones like granite, quartz, and marble very well.

If you are looking for a countertop that requires less maintenance than granite does than quartz is the countertop for you. The biggest drawback that granite has is that most of it stains easily unless you apply a sealant to it about every year. I say most of it because some pieces of stone resist stains better than others. Since it’s a natural stone the exact composition isn’t guaranteed so you can get luck and granite countertop that is impossible to stain and that you won’t have to seal.

If you want to take the risk out than get quartz counters. They are made by combining quartz together with a resin. When the resin cures it creates a surface that is just about impossible to stain, impervious to high temperatures and looks absolutely stunning.

Does it look exactly like granite? In most cases no it does not but it does look like stone and it has a look that is all it’s own. You can actually get solid colors and in some cases you can get custom colored countertops if you have a specific need.

My favorite thing about quartz is it’s durability. You can cut and chop right on it without a cutting board. To avoid chipped corners get a rounded or bullnose edge, however. The weakest part of any natural stone countertop is the square corners and ninety degree edges. The can be easy to chip if you hit them just right.